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Single drum roller Volvo SD 75 826 Bh 7900kg

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Information about the Volvo SD 75 single drum roller:
Type: Roller
Brand: Volvo
Model: SD 75
Year of manufacture: 2014
Operating hours: 826 hrs.
Weight: 7900 kg
Engine: Volvo diesel engine with 75 kW

- Vibration frequency 31/34 Hz
- As option 5 frequencies (high amplitude) 23/31 Hz
- Gradeability 65 %
- Rated power motor 55 kW
- Amplitude 1.94/1.41 mm
- Drum width 1,676 mm
- Bend angle +/-38 degrees
- Pendulum angle +/-12 degrees

Transport dimensions :
H: 5050 mm
B: 1830 0mm
L: 2920 mm

The roller comes from 1st hand.

Financing with our house banks is possible.

If you wish, we can organise the transport for you, including all freight documents and necessary customs documentation.

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