Our dynamically developing company makes construction equipment attachments in a wide variety of types, including buckets, grabs, quick couplers, quick frames, rippers, grab rakes and grab adapters.

Most of the articles on offer are immediately available from stock. The increasing number of our retail and wholesale customers is due to this advantage of us.

In the production process, we place a heavy emphasis on quality and solidity, so as to meet our demanding customers’ needs. We also accept custom orders.

See our really wide range of products:


We have any kind of buckets on sale, including digging buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, hydraulic ditch cleaning buckets and sieve buckets for all weight classes of 2 to 80 tons excavators. We also make buckets of HARDOX steel for gravel. They have reinforced sides and special teeth. We offer buckets that can be used with all quick release couplings available, including: Lehnhoff MS, Verahtert CW, Martin, Müller, Schaeff, JCB, Cat, Zeppelin ZM, Volvo S, Liebherr SW, Atlas SMP, Terex, Hitachi ZX, etc.

On our supply you will find a buckets with any coupling type for any machine.


We offer you a very large selection of adapter plates used to alter or modernize buckets. There are different versions of mounting plates for hydraulic hammers, grabs, shears or other construction equipment accessories, which each of our customers will find in our warehouse.


The grabs made by our company are characterized by high strength and solid structure. We divide them into categories by their designation: selector grab, wood grapple, five finger grapple, root grabdemolition grapple, clamshell bucket, forest grab.

Most of our grabs are fitted with a reliable THUMM Rotator, the size of which is chosen to suit the operating weight of the machine.


Our rippers are fairly solid, made of heavy-duty material which in most models is HARDOX steel. Additionally, the ripper strength is enhanced by a system of replaceable Cat teeth, with which our rippers are fitted.

We offer rippers with any coupling type and for any excavator.


Most modern machines are fitted with quick couplers which make the replacement of attachments easier. To satisfy our customers, we have both mechanical and hydraulic couplings on sale. Available types include: Lehnhoff MS01, MS03, MS10, MS21, MS25, Verahtert CW05, CW10, CW20, CW30, CW40, Volvo S, Liebherr SW, Atlas SMP.


If you are an excavator owner who looks for reliable attachments for removing roots or levelling terrain, you’re in the right place. We can offer root rakes in different types and sizes with different operating widths. They are made of Hardox steel. Expanded versions are also possible: hydraulic grab rakes with an option of replaceable CAT system teeth.


Arm extensions we produce are used to extend the range of the stick of the excavator and allow you to work quickly and efficiently when further away. We offer arm extensions in different lengths and with different mounting systems for the machines from 2 tons upwards.
At your request, to allow you a quick change of your attachments, we can equip your arm extension with a quick coupler. However, it needs to be ordered separately. Below you can find the link with prices and all data on the quick couplers.


Founded in 1981 in Brisbane, Australia, Digga is the largest manufacturer and exporter of planetary gearboxes for machinery attachments. Digga pioneered pendulum drilling in Australia and today produce the largest range of compact high torque planetary drives for the pendulum drilling and attachment industry. As the largest attachment manufacturer in Australia, globally Digga specialises in drilling and trenching attachment solutions.


Grab adapters’ purpose is to connect the customer’s grabs to excavators. For this reason, our offer includes a variety of adapter variants fitted with bolts with different diameters, pendulum, rotating hooks and connectors with different operating widths.


The adapter plate with rotating load hook allows the taking up of craneable goods with the excavator

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