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About Us

Our company has been supplying construction equipment, construction equipment attachments and of all kinds of vehicles for the construction industry to private and business customers all over Europe and the world, for over 10 years.

We also specialize in selling new attachments for construction equipment: Long Reach booms, Excavator buckets, Excavator Grabs, Quick couplers, Rippers, Quick Frame, Root Rake und Grabs Adapter .

We love taking custom orders. If you wish to have custom equipment and already have a relevant design, contact us! We will make every effort to meet your requirements because good quality and service are priorities to us.

Our motto: Client satisfaction always brings new Clients!

Our Specializations

Long Reach

Our flagship products include Long Reach Booms and Demolition Booms, customized to fit individual excavators, with different boom lengths – even of up to 26 metres and, if necessary, with additional counterweight for the excavator.

Buckets & Attachments

Our company offers a very wide range of construction equipment attachments – most of which are immediately available from stock.
Our product offer includes:
– Bucket: 
digging buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, hydraulic ditch cleaning buckets, skeleton buckets, heavy duty rock bucket, cley bucket
– Grabs:
selector grab, wood grap, five finger grap, root grabdemolition grap, clamshell bucket, forest grab
– Quick Coupler: 
hydraulic, mechanical
– Quick Frame: 
without baseplate and with baseplate
– Grab Adapter: 
without pendulum and with pendulum
– Ripper
– Root Rake

Used machines

We have been dealing in used building machines for many years.
Our building machines and building vehicles offer:

Our Projects


Please contact us at:

Office: +49 2331 976 82 0
Attachments: +49 2331 976 82 10
Machines: +49 2331 976 82 20
Long Reach: +49 2331 976 82 70
Fax: +49 2331 976 82 78

E-mail address:

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00am – 05:00pm


Schwerter Str. 26
58099 Hagen


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