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No matter which products you choose, commercial customers can easily and conveniently finance their entire purchase with us. Starting from a purchase value of 2,500 euros (plus VAT and shipping) and for an individual period.

Long Reach - Kings of the Reach

With long reach arms, demolition arms and arm extensions, construction machinery always remains flexible and safe, even in difficult working conditions. The increased working radius makes it easy to excavate areas that are further away or difficult to reach, such as embankments or slopes, without having to move the excavator. Thanks to this equipment, excavators can work in deep pits, excavate gravel, level terrain or form channels and riverbeds. A stick extension, for example, can even make work much easier when working on railway tracks or in canal construction.

Reaching high and far with quality and safety

Depending on the technical characteristics of a construction machine, in particular its own weight, its undercarriage type and its undercarriage width, Euroholz can provide you with individual extensions with working lengths of 12 to 26 metres. An important factor that directly influences the utilisation of the arm length of an excavator is the type and scope of the equipment. For example, if very long arm extensions are to be used, we recommend using small buckets or generally light equipment. In order to be able to demolish structures that are higher up, for example, and cannot be reached with normal excavator equipment, an appropriately robust demolition arm is required. We recommend the use of a so-called counterweight for this purpose. Counterweights must stabilise the construction machine and extend the parameters of the equipment that can be used. Two different types are available in our range for this purpose, with which the construction machine can be kept in balance, the load on the slewing ring relieved and the capacity of the bucket increased by approx. 10 to 20 % at the same time.

Euroholz stands for the highest quality, top advice and the best service, especially when it comes to customised long-reach booms and arm extensions

Many years of experience and expertise in the manufacture of long reach and arm extensions characterise us. At Euroholz, you benefit from individually designed long reach arms in the weight class from 2 to 80 tonnes. We offer extensions with included quick couplers, fully hydraulic quick couplers with additional line or goose necks with swivelling load hooks as well as arm extensions with fixed attachment. In addition to top service, our customers have a large selection of suitable attachments available for every long reach arm or arm extension, e.g. backhoe buckets, rock buckets, ditch clearing buckets - also hydraulically swivelling - and much more.

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