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Condition: new
Operating weight: 25-43 t
Year of manufacture: 2019
Bh: 1,125
Condition: new
Operating weight: 12-20 t

in stock

19.679,63  incl. VAT 16.537,50  without VAT

Condition: new
Operating weight: 6-9 t
Volume: 150 litres

in stock

1.654,10  incl. VAT 1.390,00  without VAT

Year of construction: 2022
Bh: 1 hr.

in stock

25.573,10  incl. VAT 21.490,00  without VAT

Condition: used
Volume: 712 litres

in stock

1.618,40  incl. VAT 1.360,00  without VAT

Year of manufacture: 2012
Bh: 7,676 hrs.

in stock

118.940,50  incl. VAT 99.950,00  without VAT

Condition: new
Operating weight: 17-23 t
Volume: 640 litres

in stock

5.039,65  incl. VAT 4.235,00  without VAT

Condition: new
Operating weight: 10-18 t

in stock

4.893,88  incl. VAT 4.112,50  without VAT

Condition: new

in stock

940,10  incl. VAT 790,00  without VAT

Condition: new
Operating weight: 5-12 t

lieferbar in ca. 8 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

2.011,10  incl. VAT 1.690,00  without VAT

Condition: new
Operating weight: 1.3-2.8 t
Volume: 50 litres

lieferbar in ca. 6 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

4.872,12  incl. VAT 4.094,22  without VAT

Condition: new
Operating weight: up to 2 t

lieferbar in ca. 6 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

3.665,20  incl. VAT 3.080,00  without VAT

Condition: new

lieferbar in ca. 2 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

9.032,10  incl. VAT 7.590,00  without VAT

Condition: new
Operating weight: 4-10 t

lieferbar in ca. 2 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

1.713,60  incl. VAT 1.440,00  without VAT

Condition: new
Operating weight: 2-4 t

lieferbar in ca. 8 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

1.303,05  incl. VAT 1.095,00  without VAT

"A satisfied customer always comes back" - therefore, in our online shop you will find construction machinery and vehicles, attachments for construction machinery, arm extensions, long reach arms and construction debris chutes of the highest quality, robustness and durability at always the best prices.

Convince yourself of our diverse and extensive range and benefit from the expert advice of an experienced team of experts with many years of know-how as well as from the best customer service at all times. Of course, we also realise your special projects and manufacture products with your special or individual requirements.

Construction machinery and vehicles

Whether for private or industrial projects, construction machinery is indispensable equipment. They can be used stationary or mobile on a wide variety of construction sites. Due to their technical diversity and characteristics, our construction machines offer great application potential for the processing and transport of building materials.

  • Mini excavator are flexible and manoeuvrable - with one of our mini-excavators, you can effortlessly complete renovation work in gardening and landscaping or in traffic construction.


  • Wheel loader are versatile and reliable - our wheel loaders can be used for loading and earthmoving work at construction companies, in gardening and landscaping, in rental parks or for work in the municipal sector. With various attachments, such as shovels or tillers, you can additionally expand the versatility and areas of application of your wheel loaders.


  • Mobile excavator are characterised by their mobility and are among the most versatile construction machines for construction companies. As a classic construction site vehicle, the wheeled excavator can take on various tasks in small and medium-sized construction projects. Various attachments such as excavator or dozer buckets transform the wheeled excavator into a compact all-rounder.


  • Tracked excavator are generally driven by an integrated crawler track and usually have a higher base weight than wheeled excavators. On a construction site, it can be used for numerous tasks, depending on the attachment of a grab, bucket or special attachment. The tracked excavator is used, for example, in road construction, landscaping and mining, quarries or even demolition work. Mini excavators with chain drive are very compact and are ideal for use in buildings or where space is limited.


  • Dumper (dump truck or front tipper) with and without road approval can be used in a variety of ways for transporting bulk material and are characterised by a permanently mounted skip that can be lifted on one side by means of a hydraulic drive. Depending on the strength of the drive and the size of the skip, dumpers are used in open-cast mining, quarries or gravel pits, for example. Dumpers are used on many construction sites to transport gravel, sand or other building materials and are also a great help in developing building sites or in demolition work.


  • Compaction machines play a very important role on most construction sites for the compaction of a building site. With our compaction machines such as vibratory rollers and plates, trench rollers and vibratory rammers, you can compact your building sites quickly and efficiently, depending on the area of application. Especially our compact vibratory rollers, vibratory plates and rammers are very powerful and can be used very well, especially in narrow places.


In our category construction machinery and vehicles you will also find many other interesting, important and powerful products for the construction industry. For example, various trailers, work platforms, excavator and construction machine transporters, electric excavators, forklifts, wood chippers, combi tractors, motor vehicles (trucks and cars), bulldozers, snow ploughs, telescopic loaders, low loaders, tractors, cut-off saws and many more.

Attachment parts for construction machinery

We manufacture high quality buckets, grabs, buckets, quick couplers, weld-on frames, ripper teeth, digger rakes and grab adapters with high durability and robustness. The majority of our articles are immediately available from stock and can be delivered quickly. Free shipping within Germany is available in our online shop for all new attachments for excavator classes up to ten tonnes.

  • Buckets The following buckets are available: -rock bucket, ditch clearing bucket (hydraulic; mechanical), cable bucket, sieve bucket, backhoe bucket (hydraulic; mechanical), trapezoidal bucket and universal bucket.
  • Front blades - Front loader buckets, folding buckets, hydraulic folding buckets.
  • Mounting frame - Weld-on frames with and without base plate / base plate, hammer plates with coupling guide or coupling set as well as with and without drilling pattern, hydraulic equipment frames with coupling guide or coupling set, plates with (rotating) load hook.
  • Quick coupler - mechanical, hydraulic, with load hook, with and without pin, for different pin thicknesses.
  • Swivel motors - with mechanical or hydraulic quick coupler.
  • Gripper - Demolition grabs, well grabs, timber grabs, 5-finger timber grabs, dung grabs, sorting grabs, clamshell buckets.
  • Gripper adapter - with and without pendulum, also available as solid material.
  • Fangs - with and without recording.
  • Rake / Rake - with and without pick-up, hydraulic.
  • Arm extensions - with and without quick coupler, with fully hydraulic quick coupler, with fixed attachment, goose necks with rotating load hook.
  • Auger - Augers and motors for augers from Digga.
  • Pallet forks - suitable for Atlas, JCB, Komatsu, Kramer, Lehnhoff, SMP, Volvo, Wacker Neuson, pallet fork OilQuick.
  • Hydraulic hammers - with high impact force, applicable in quarries or for demolition work on buildings or foundations (also available incl. mounting plate).
  • Bucket teeth - Excavator teeth, screw teeth, adapters for excavator teeth (single-leg, double-leg), half-pointed excavator teeth, left and right screw teeth.

Long reach

With Long Reach, your excavator can reach even difficult to even inaccessible places thanks to its special long-reach boom.

Suitable for various excavator classes from 13 to over 50 tonnes and with different working lengths from 12 to 26 metres. Suitable for Case, CAT, Doosan, Hitachi, JBC, Kobelco, Komatsu, New Holland, Volvo.

A wide range of attachments is available for each Long Reach arm, e.g. backhoe buckets, rock buckets, ditch clearing buckets - also hydraulically slewable - and many more. In addition, we also offer corresponding counterweights, with which you can keep your construction machine in balance, relieve the load on the slewing ring and at the same time increase the capacity of the bucket by approx. 10 to 20 %.

Building rubble chutes

A rubble chute is used in many construction sites and is an important aid for transporting rubble down from upper floors.

With our construction waste chute set incl. filling funnel, completely galvanised frame and cable winch, you can transport your construction waste comfortably and safely down into a container or onto a truck without much dust and noise. The large opening of the filling funnel allows easy filling with any standard wheelbarrow.

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