For over 10 years, we have been building Long Reach Arms to all excavator types, ranging from 2 to 80 tonnes, as well as demolition high Reach, and a whole range of accessories – buckets, hydraulic buckets, quick couplers, grapples, shears, and many more.


The Long Reach boom in the most popular version consisting of two end effectors – the Banana Boom and Stick  – can be applied in caterpillar and wheel excavators. It is used to extend the operating range of machines for special assignments like deep excavations, gravel extraction, levelling of terrain or shaping of river and canal beds. We offer long reach arms with operating lengths varying between 12 and 26 metres, depending on the technical parameters of the machine, particularly on its curb weight and the type and width of chassis. The type of attachments, with which the Long Reach boom is equipped, is an important and direct determinant for the boom length: longer boom = smaller bucker / lighter attachments.

We offer technical support in choosing the optimal boom and attachment parameters.


The Long Reach in the Triangle version extends up to 180 degrees. This is possible due to two servo-motors’ synchronous work between the Banana Boom and Stick. Such a boom structure is particularly used in works like demolitions or works at heights. The choice of the boom’s operating length is strictly dependent on the type of machine. Bearing in mind the special character of the boom, the attachment parameters (dead load, volume) should be selected carefully. For the safe use of the Triangle Long Reach boom we recommend that a so-called counterweight should be applied to this kind of boom to stabilize the work of the machine, and, at the same time, to extend the range of applicable attachment parameters.


The demolition boom is designed for machines particularly adapted for use in demolition works. Such machines are usually fitted with additional attachments allowing interaction with this kind of boom (protective grates, auxiliary hydraulic lines, water system). On account of their weights and operating lengths, the high reach booms offered are fitted with quick hydraulic couplers in most cases. Those hydraulic couplers enable their quick replacement and dismantling for transport purposes. We offer a wide range of attachments for this kind of boom: grabs, shears and heavy-duty rock buckets.

For safe use of the demolition boom, we recommend using a so-called counterweight.


We offer two types of counterweights that stabilize the work of the machine and extending the
range of its applicable attachment parameters.

– Backpack type counterweight: this type is suspended on the rear of the excavator with the use of its transport handles. The counterweight we offer is an item that can be very easily installed and dismantled by the user in all circumstances.

– Screwable counterweight: this is a steel plate screwed on under the machine’s original counterweight. Its possible weight and size limit the machine design parameters, that is the clearance between the caterpillars and the rear of the machine. The counterweight can be installed using the working holes present in the machine frame.

We offer technical support in choosing counterweight weights and types.


We provide a full service in the following areas:

– Transport: We deliver our products to any place in the world by road, sea or rail transport, honestly and on time, in cooperation with our reliable partners.
– Installation: Most of our products are very easy to install, so they can be installed by customers themselves. Alternatively, we offer the service to install our products in the machine where the machine is parked.
– Parts: All the goods we offer originate from our manufacturing facility. This way, we can provide our customers with all spare parts necessary for the operation of the machine.




We apply innovative technology with the use of the best machines and digital lathes available!

Certificates and Guarantees

All the products we manufacture are CE-certified
and come with a one-year warranty.

Individual Orders

We love taking custom orders. If you wish to have custom equipment and if you already have a relevant design, contact us! We will make every effort to meet your requirements because good quality and service are priorities to us.

High Reputation Worldwide

Our products enjoy a very high reputation worldwide.
We are active all over the world.

Customers Base

Top quality and short order lead time continually bring us more and more clients.

Equipment and Parts

For each long reach boom, we offer a full array of tooling and spare parts. We offer spare parts for all our products.


Learn how run certain stages of arm building:

First contact with our company by e-mail or phone

Conversation with our specialist about the customer’s needs and consultation on different methods of customizing the boom to meet the requirements

Taking all necessary measurements with the use of our dedicated form

(Optional) Measuring the customer’s machine by a member of our staff

Fixing order details

Production of the boom

Collection by or delivery to the customer

(Optional) Installation of the boom on the excavator on site by our staff

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