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Long arm & Long reach

We have over 18 years of experience in trading and building custom designed long arms for excavators in the 2 to 80 ton weight class. We manufacture long reach arms with banana arm and stick as well as demolition triangle arms.


The long arm is available in the most popular version with two working elements: The banana arm and handle can be used on tracked and mobile excavators. The product is used to extend the working range of machines with special tasks in deep pits. It can be used to excavate gravel, level terrain and perform channel and riverbed shaping. Depending on the technical parameters of the machine, in particular its own weight, the type of chassis and its chassis width, we offer arms with different working lengths from 12 to 26 metres. An important factor that directly influences the arm length is the type of equipment with which the long reach arm is operated: So if you use a very long arm, a small bucket or light equipment is recommended.

Of course, we offer technical support in selecting the optimal parameters of the long arm and equipment.

Langer Arm / Long Reach | EUROHOLZ-Hagen
Langer Arm / Long Reach | EUROHOLZ-Hagen


A long arm in the triangular version can be rotated by 180 degrees. This is possible thanks to the two synchronously working cylinders between the banana arm and the handle. This arm design is used especially for such tasks as demolition and height work. The working length of the long arm depends on the type of machine. The parameters of the equipment (dead weight, volume) must be carefully adjusted to it due to its special character. For this type of excavator arm, it is recommended to use a so-called counterweight, which stabilises the work of the machine and also extends the permissible parameters of the equipment.


The demolition arm is intended for machines that are used especially for demolition work. These machines usually have additional equipment such as protective grids, additional hydraulic lines and a water system that allows the arm to be used. Due to their weight and length, the arms offered are often equipped with hydraulic quick couplings that allow easy and quick removal and replacement for transport purposes. We offer the following accessories for the arms of this type: Grapple, scissors and rock bucket with increased strength.

We recommend that you use a so-called counterweight.

Langer Arm / Long Reach | EUROHOLZ-Hagen
Langer Arm / Long Reach | EUROHOLZ-Hagen


In our offer we have two types of counterweights, which stabilise the machine and expand the parameters of the equipment that can be used.

Backpack type counterweight: it is attached to the back of the excavator using the transport points provided on the machine. The counterweight offered is an element that is particularly easy to install and remove and can therefore be carried out by the user in all conditions.

Unscrewable counterweight: This is a steel plate that is screwed on under the original counterweight present on the machine. Its permissible weight and size limit the machine's design parameters, i.e. the clearance between the tracks and the rear of the machine. The counterweight can be mounted in the existing openings on the machine frame.

We offer technical support in the selection of the weight and type of counterweight.


We guarantee our customers a comprehensive service in the following areas:

Transport: We deliver our products reliably and on time - by road, rail and sea. You can rely entirely on our close cooperation with proven business partners!

Assembly: Most of our products are particularly easy to install, so that every customer can carry out the installation themselves. On request, we will of course install our products at the machine's location.

Spare parts: All goods offered come from the manufacturing plant. Therefore, we can provide our customers with all spare parts necessary for operation.

Langer Arm / Long Reach | EUROHOLZ-Hagen
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