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Condition: new
Mounting: MS10
Operating weight: 12-20 t

Demolition and sorting grab Zijtveld type S803 D suitable for Lehnhoff MS10

SKU: MO-AGG-802/3D-MS10

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in stock

in stock

 Demolition and sorting grab Zijtveld type S803 D suitable for Lehnhoff MS10:

The grab is suitable for the excavator class from 12 to 20 tonnes.

Standard version:
1. 2 rotary motors with 2 gears
2. gripper shells made of bent and pressed Hardox plates with oval holes.
3. reversible knife (exchangeable)
4. protection of the components and the base body
5. exposed cylinders, no rubbing of the hydraulic hoses Cylinders with end damping
6. greater gripping force Total of only 4 bearing bolts
7. pivot points sealed by Metal Seals®.
8. bearing bolts hardened and chrome-plated
9. easy to reach lubrication points
10. closed, dust-protected slewing ring Reinforced support plate for slewing ring.
11. low headroom

Technical data - Gripper:
1. weight: 1140 kg
2. capacity: 500 litres
3. shell width: 800 mm
4. opening width: 1950 mm
3. clamping force: 50 kN
4. operating pressure: 350 bar
5. max. Oil flow: 120 l/min

*Further Aufnahmen possible, e.g. suitable for Lehnhoff MS, Verachtert CW, Volvo S, Liebherr SW, Atlas SMP etc.


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