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Condition: new
Mounting: MS03
Operating weight: 3-6 t

Sorting gripper MB Crusher MB-G450 S4 suitable for Lehnhoff MS03

SKU: MB-SGK-N1-G450-S4-MS03

7.085,84  incl. VAT 5.954,49  without VAT

lieferbar in ca. 6 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

lieferbar in ca. 6 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

Sorting gripper MB Crusher MB-G450 S4:

The sorting grab is suitable for the excavator class from 3 to 6 tons.

Technical data:

1. Aufnahme*: suitable for Lehnhoff MS03
2nd weight: 314 kg
3rd volume: 100 litres
4th cutting width: 475 mm
5. opening width: 1300 mm
6. rotation: 360
7. oil flow rate (rotation): 10 l/min
8. Required working pressure (rotation): > 150 bar
9. oil flow rate (opening / closing): 40 l/min
10. Required working pressure (opening / closing): 0-250 bar

*other Aufnahmen possible - e.g. suitable for Lehnhoff, Verachtert, OilQuick, Volvo, fixed attachment or others.

The CE marking is located on the type plate of the item.

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