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Condition: new
Mounting: OQ70-55
Operating weight: 18-32 t

Screw adapter OilQuick OQ70/55 / with drilling pattern HM1000

SKU: OQ-HP/G-OQ70/55-B/Z3

5.307,40  incl. VAT 4.460,00  without VAT

available in approx. 12 weeks after order confirmation

available in approx. 12 weeks after order confirmation

OilQuick OQ70/55 screw adapter / with HM1000 drilling pattern:

The EH screw adapter incl. drilling pattern for the excavator class from 18 to 32 tonnes

Standard version:
1. OilQuick OQ70/55  (equipped with: 2 pcs. plug 1/2", 2 pcs. poly plug 3/4″, and 2 pcs. plug 1″)
2. with distribution block and 4 hoses to the block
3. incl. drilling pattern HM1000
4. weight: 300 kg
5. all plugs are supplied in a cardboard box

We also offer the hammer plates without drilling pattern.

All attachments manufactured by us have a 12-month warranty on the welds.
They are supplied with a CE marking.

You can find more information about our attachments here.

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