Hydraulic adapter OilQuick OQ80 / with couplingsHydraulic adapter OilQuick OQ80 / with couplings

Hydraulic adapter OilQuick OQ80 / with couplings

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Hydraulic adapter suitable for OilQuick OQ80 / with couplings:

The EH hydraulic adapter for conversion of hydraulic buckets in the excavator class from 25 up to 43 tonnes.

Basic parameters:
1. OilQuick OQ80(equipped with: 2 plugs 1/2”, 2 poly plugs 3/4”, 2 plugs 3/4”, 2 poly plugs 1”)
2. All plugs will be delivered in a box. 


We provide a 12 month warranty on the welds.
All products bear the CE marking.

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Additional information

Additional information




144 kg





Operating weight

25-26 t, 26-27 t, 27-28 t, 28-29 t, 29-30 t, 30-31 t, 31-32 t, 32-33 t, 33-34 t, 34-35 t, 35-36 t, 36-37 t, 37-38 t, 38-39 t, 39-40 t, 40-41 t, 41-42 t, 42-43 t, 43-44 t, 44-45 t