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Condition: new
Aufnahme: Lehnhoff MS01 SY
SKU: TLK-N1-K1-300-MS01SY

Backhoe bucket suitable for Lehnhoff MS01 SY / 300 mm / Cat. 1K

lieferbar in ca. 10 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

404,60  incl. VAT 340,00  without VAT

lieferbar in ca. 10 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung

Weight: 40 kg
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Backhoe bucket suitable for Lehnhoff MS01 SY / 300 mm / Cat. 1K
Suitable for excavator classes up to 2 tonnes

Product description:
1. Aufnahme*: suitable for Lehnhoff MS01 SY
2. width: 300 mm
3. weight: 40 kg
4th volume: 27 litres
5. rear and side panels made of S355J2 steel, material thickness: 6 mm
6. cutting edge made of HARDOX HB500, dimensions: 110 x 12 mm
7. side cutting blade made of HARDOX HB500, material thickness: 5 mm
8. teeth bolted (not welded)
9. incl. water drainage holes
10. rust protection primer and black paint

*other Aufnahmen possible - e.g. suitable for Lehnhoff, Verachtert, OilQuick, Volvo, Liebherr, fixed attachment or others.


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