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Trailer Wörmann GG 10.500 kg Ramps Tandem Low Loader

SKU: ANH0106221

19.932,50  incl. VAT 16.750,00  without VAT

in stock

in stock

Information about the trailer Wörmann 10500 kg:

Category: 2-axle trailer tandem low loader
Year of manufacture: 2013
EZ: 06/2013
Gross vehicle weight: 10,500 kg
Payload: 8000 kg
Empty dimensions: 2,500 kg
Axles: 2
Tyres: approx. 70 %

- as low loader for excavator transport
- Loading area 6360 mm
- Technically everything is in very good condition


Loading area:

L: 6360 mm
B: 2470 mm
H: 410 mm

The trailer comes from 1st hand and is in good condition.

We are also happy to trade in your machines.

Financing with our house banks is possible.

If you wish, we can organise the transport for you, including all freight documents and necessary customs documentation.


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